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Liason Program


June 2024

The Town of Paxton has experienced a large growth in the number of seniors in town. Many of them have public safety concerns which are different from other population questions and/or concerns. Due to the many concerns of the seniors, I have been assigned as the Paxton Police Departments “Senior Liaison Officer”. This position was created to provide for the concerns, problems and identify the needs for elder adults. With these needs in mind, I make it a point to meet with the seniors at the senior center once a month and join them during lunch or one of their activities so I can meet each one on a personal basis. I want them to get to know me and feel comfortable talking with me as a person, not just as a police officer. I don’t want them to be afraid to report a crime and or abuse. My philosophy is that if someone feels they can trust and be comfortable with you, then they are more apt to disclose information to you rather than someone they don’t know.
  My mission as the Senior Liaison Officer is to:
 educate the seniors with recant crime trends as well as crime prevention
Investigate crimes /suspicious activity involving seniors
Provide referral assistance
Work with seniors on safety and trust issues such as door to door scams, phone scams and general home and internet safety.